Alternative Health Information

List of branches of alternative medicine

· Acupuncture
o Acupressure
o Auriculotherapy
o Korean hand acupuncture
o Medical acupuncture
o Meridian therapy
o Sonopuncture
· Acupressure
· Alexander Technique
· Alternative Medical Systems
o Ayurveda
o Homeopathy
o Naturopathic medicine
o Osteopathy
o Traditional Chinese medicine
· Applied kinesiology
· Apitherapy
· Aromatherapy
· Astrology
· Auriculotherapy
· Ayurveda

· Bach Flower Therapy
· Bates Method
· Biologically Based Therapies
o Apitherapy
o Bates Method
o Chinese food therapy
o Fasting
o Herbal therapy
o Macrobiotic lifestyle
o Natural health
o Natural therapy
§ Diet and Food
§ Dietary supplements
§ Exercise
o Naturopathy
o Orthomolecular medicine
o Urine therapy
· Bowen Technique
· Body-Based Manipulative Therapies
o Body work or Massage therapy
o Bowen Technique
o Chiropractic medicine
o Craniosacral Therapy
o Medical acupuncture
o Osteopathy
o Rolfing
· Body work or Massage therapy

· Chelation therapy
· Chinese food therapy
· Chinese medicine
· Chinese pulse diagnosis
· Chinese martial arts
· Chiropractic medicine
· Chromotherapy
· Coin rubbing
· Colloidal silver therapy
· Color Therapy
· Colon Hydrotherapy (Colonics)
· Concentration mation
· Craniosacral Therapy
· Crystal healing
· Cupping

· Dermovision

· Ear Candling
· Electrodermal screening
· Energy diagnosis
· Energy therapies
o Magnet therapy
o Reiki
o Qigong
o Shiatsu
o Therapeutic Touch
· Eyology

· Facial diagnosis
· Faith healing
· Fasting
· Flower essence therapy
· Feldenkrais method
· Chinese food therapy
· Functional medicine

· Gua Sha

· Hair analysis
· Hatha yoga
· Hawaiian massage
· Healing touch
· Health psychology
· Herbal crystallization analysis
· Herbology
· Herbal therapy
· Holistic medicine
· Homeopathy
o Bach flower remedies
o Flower essence therapy
o Isopathy
· Hypnosis
· Hypnotherapy

· Integrative medicine
· Iridology
· Isopathy

· Journaling

· Korean hand acupuncture


· Magnetic healing
· Manipulative therapy
· Massage therapy
· Medical acupuncture
· Medical intuition
· Medical Qigong
· Mation
o Concentration mation
o Mindfulness mation
o Transcendental mation
· Mega-vitamin therapy
· Meridian therapy
· Mind-Body Interventions
o Alexander Technique
o Aromatherapy
o Autosuggestion
o Bach Flower Therapy
o Feldenkrais method
o Hatha yoga
o Hypnotherapy
o Journaling
o Mation
o Music therapy
o Prayer
o Rebirthing
o Self-hypnosis
o Support groups
o T'ai Chi Ch'uan
o Visualization
o Yoga
· Mindfulness mation
· Moxibustion
· Music therapy

· Natural Health
o Natural therapies
§ Diet and Food
§ Dietary supplements
§ Exercise
o Home remedies
· Natural hygiene
· Naturopathic medicine
o Nutrition
o Botanical medicine
o Homeopathy
o Hydrotherapy
o Physical manipulation
o Pharmacology
o Minor surgery

· Orgonomy
· Orthomolecular medicine
· Osteopathy

· Plum blossom
· Pranic healing
· Prayer
· Psychosocial interventions
· Power yoga
· Psychic surgery

· Qigong
· Quantum touch

· Rebirthing
· Reflexology
· Reiki
· Rolfing

· Sclerology
· Self-hypnosis
· Seitai
· Somapractic
· Sonopuncture
· Support groups

· T'ai Chi Ch'uan
· Tantramassage
· Thalassotherapy
· Therapeutic Touch
· Tibetan eye chart
· Tongue diagnosis
· Traditional Chinese medicine
o Acupressure
o Acupuncture
o Acupuncture point
o Auriculotherapy
o Chinese pulse diagnosis
o Chinese food therapy
o Coin rubbing
o Cupping
o Five Elements
o Gua Sha
o Herbology
o History of traditional Chinese medicine
o Korean hand acupuncture
o Meridian
o Moxibustion
o Plum blossom
o Qi
o Qigong
o Seven star
o Shiatsu
o Sonopuncture
o Trigger point
o Tui na
o Zang Fu theory
· Traditional Japanese medicine
o Meridian therapy
o Shiatsu
· Traditional Tibetan medicine
· Transcendental mation
· Trigger point
· Tui Na

· Urine therapy

· Visualization



· Yoga
o Hatha yoga
o Power yoga



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