Alternative Health Information


Sclerology is a non-invasive alternative medicine practice in which the sclera is examined for information about a patient's systemic health.
According to advocates, examination of the sclera reveals a great number of disease processes and is capable of revealing much more information than iridology. They claim sclerology requires no clinical tools and is an inexpensive, non-invasive method to enhance the evaluation of patients' health.

Sclerology has been used perennially by indigenous cultures for at least a millennia. Ancient Chinese medical texts (Secrets of the Bronze Man, written 1046AD in the Song Dynasty, translated by Dr. Stuart Mauro of Dallas TX) show that the method was used in China over 1000 years ago. American Indians (Nez Percé and Blackfoot) practiced it but kept no written records.

Similar to criticism which has been leveled at iridology and other alternative practices, skeptics point out that sclerology is founded in pseudoscience, claiming that there is no reason to assume that the condition of the sclera has any causal relation to a patient's condition in general. They also claim it is ineffective and may be harmful to patients if it delays the diagnosis and treatment of a true medical problem.